2007-10-10 02:03:09 by Thattixx

It would be really cool if you guys could recommend what type of music you would like to make. Listen to some of my songs to get the feeling for what I tend to sound like. You guys know what I'm talking about? Well, comment this post and give me any ideas you have for my music.

New Song Released, FINALLY!

2007-09-01 01:58:23 by Thattixx

Aquilus Navitas. 5 minute tehcno/trance progression song thing. I HOPE you enjoy it. Check it out! Listen to it! Dowloan it! Review it! YEAH

New Song Coming Soon

2007-07-28 01:15:27 by Thattixx

Sorry for not uploading songs for such a long time. Was just kind of busy. I have awaken from my slumber and have now created a new song that will release within a month or so. I have also developed much skill over that period, becoming a master of the Fruity Loops Mixer Board, which I once had no clue how to use. Don't loose hope in me!


New Song Coming Soon